Bethany Eanes


Bethany Eanes
Contributor - Yoga
United States, California, Pasadena

Nicknamed “Taz” as a child, Bethany is a high-energy former collegiate athlete. Despite spending twenty years in a gym or on a soccer field, she never developed a sincerely healthy lifestyle. When she opened the door to yoga, Bethany discovered true health and deep peace.


Though she still honors her Taz roots with an athletic-inspired yoga style, Bethany also honors a new-found stillness of heart. She loves helping athletes find a way to push the Off Button, allowing them to recover, appropriately rest, and reach everyone’s ultimate fitness goal: be happy. 


Other than living yoga, Bethany has a degree filed away in a drawer somewhere from Washington University in St. Louis, where she met her best friend and husband, Reid. They live in Pasadena with their two snuggly cats, one scruffy dog, a well-used kitchen, and a mountain of hiking equipment. In the fall, you’ll find Bethany coaching high school soccer and cheering her hometown Pittsburgh Steelers.