Dan Houlihan


Dan Houlihan
Guest Contributor
Natural Movement
Olympic Weightlifting

Dan Houlihan is the founder of Emergence Wellness, which provides movement training in the Chicagoland area. Under the purview of Emergence, Dan runs TigerMoves, a family movement program focused on creating a community of ideas to help families move more.


A common theme that runs through all of Dan’s training is the idea of becoming UNmodern - returning, on some level, to our basic roots of movement, food, and connection. He runs retreats to help people enjoy the beauty of their bodies and our natural world at goUNmodern.


Before his training career, Dan taught grade and high school physical education in Chicago. He has hiked hundreds of miles both solo and leading groups, though his current passion is getting outdoors with his wife and two kids (soon to be three). He holds a master degree in Exercise Science from Northeastern Illinois University, is a Level 3 MovNat Certified Trainer, holds the following certifications: ACSM-HFS, FRC, and USAW Sports Performance coach.