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It is not unusual to find a divide when it comes to what style of training is best. A classic battle exists between High Intensity Training and Olympic weightlifting. Why not have both?
This one is NOT for the faint of heart. This is for the hardcore athletes who want to move some serious weight and challenge themselves between all that present wrapping.
This is one of the best in-the-gym workouts you will ever try. I use this style of training a lot with my clients who want to get in super shape in minimum time!
Coach Taku is known for his highly-effective workouts and he always has the low-down on the newest fitness tools that really work. What could a guy like that want for the holidays? Find out!
Looking for a challenging workout, but you don’t have any equipment? The following is an excellent bodyweight circuit, designed for all-around athletic conditioning.
Looking to get in great cardiovascular shape without a complicated or time-consuming plan? Try this four week plan!
Our final workout from featured coach Liam "Taku" Bauer of
We are in our final week of four weeks of featured programming from guest coach Liam "Taku" Bauer.
Join us for a strength workout, in our final week of programming from guest coach Liam "Taku" Bauer.
Our final week of featured programming from guest coach Liam "Taku" Bauer begins today!
Today is a strength workout from our featured coach, Liam "Taku" Bauer.
Back to the football field for some running! From guest coach Liam "Taku" Bauer.