Todd Kuslikis


Todd Kuslikis
United States, California, San Francisco
Bodyweight Exercise

Todd Kuslikis is the founder of A Shot of Adrenaline and is devoted to helping men build muscle using only bodyweight exercises. Todd’s first exposure to the world of calisthenics was during his Kenpo karate training in college. He saw individuals with amazing physiques performing unique bodyweight exercises he had never seen before. After learning this type of training, he became addicted to the freedom, enjoyment, and results that bodyweight exercise delivers.


While in graduate school, Todd started his calisthenics blog to help other men build muscle without using weights. Since then, he has devoted the last ten years to teaching other men this style of training. He has created an active online bodyweight community called Bodyweight Physique, where individuals can learn how to develop an amazing physique using his unique style of training called “Bodyweight Muscle Intensifiers.”