Willow Ryan
Willow Ryan
Contributor - Yoga, Massage & Bodywork
United States, Oregon, Portland

Willow Ryan specializes in helping people rewrite past stories from a present perspective to move forward for personal renaissance. Willow has done so herself both personally and professionally several times over.


Willow is a dedicated Yoga practitioner and has received the highest honor, working with Ana Forrest as a Forrest Yoga Guardian to uphold the legacy of “Mending the Hoop of the People,” by assisting Ana as a trained Mentor for Forrest Yoga Teachers.


Willow has also acquired tools for personal development while participating in Anthony Robbins Programs - Mastery University, Business Mastery, and Date With Destiny – and is a trained Neuro Strategist and NLP Practitioner through Steve Linder's SRI Training.


In the Portland, Oregon area you can study with Willow at her studio, Inner Elements Yoga.


Do you have a question for Willow? You're in luck because she has a weekly column here - Dear Willow! If you would like coaching from Willow on yoga, meditation, healing, personal development, or the mind-body connection, email her at willow@breakingmuscle.com.