1 Quick Stretch to Mobilise Your Upper Back

James Dunne

United Kingdom

Running, Injury rehabilitation, Triathlon


James Dunne, founder of Kinetic Revolution, is a running coach. He specialises in identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that impair efficiency in endurance athletes.


In this video, James shares an upper back stretch to soothe stiffness and improve posture. Many runners work at jobs where the majority of the day is spent sitting, and that can cause you to hunch your shoulders.


People commonly interlock their fingers in front of them and push their hands forward to stretch their upper back, but that causes the shoulders to internally rotate, which can contribute to the problem.


Instead, James recommends a stretch that promotes external rotation of the shoulders. To perform it:


  1. Raise your arms to shoulder height and bend your elbows so your hands are in line with your head, palms facing foward.
  2. Holding the same elbow position, move your arms in front of you so the sides of your hands and your forearms are touching. Make sure you don't drop your arms.
  3. Slowly extend your elbows while keeping your hands and arms pressed together.


This stretch will release tension throughout your upper back, remedy the negative effects of excessive sitting, and improve your running performance.


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