By his own admission, CrossFit coach Dave Ayres was not born with natural athletic ability. Everything he has achieved has come from hard grinding work. His love of physical training has led him to participate in multiple disciplines in his quest for true fitness. This is why he calls himself the Fitness Nomad, always moving, always searching, and always learning. Here he shares his findings with you, through ten of his best videos on mobility and movement therapy.
For those of you who are anxious about the handstand pushup, specifically kicking up and being upside down, then we've got a solution for you.


How to Properly Do GHD Sit Ups

The glute-ham developer (GHD) sit up is an oft misunderstood exercise. Watch this video to see the difference between a badly executed GHD sit up and one done properly.


This video will teach you how to move your bum properly, as well as an important drill for improving all aspects of your squat.
Learn how to choose the right length of jump rope, the best posture for jumping, and how being stealthy can help you get better at double unders
Pistol squats are the bane of my existence. So I put this video together to help all those who struggle with this challenging, but fun movement.
This week I'm going to address mobility, movement, and good body position in the chest-to-bar pull up. Think, "lovely and tall."
You may be jumping on boxes, but are you doing it properly and safely? Let's break down this movement so you can become efficient and more powerful at it.
In the first video of this series we look at moving our training paradigm towards one of performance, rather than one for better looks. This will increase your opportunities for success.
What can the pull up teach us about the press and vice versa? A lot - they are very similar, or rather, they should be very similar if done correctly. Watch this video to find out how.
In order for you to progress you must overload. But you can't increase all variables at once, or you will run into trouble. Learn the signs of overreaching and how to avoid overtraining.