2014 AAU Worlds Powerlifting Championships (Athlete Journal 112)

Charles Staley

Athlete Journal - Mature Athlete

Scottsdale , Arizona, United States

Mature Athletes, Strength and Conditioning

Part of what makes powerlifting fun - and frustrating - is that you're always left wondering why you didn't do better and how you can do better next time. Although I won my division at my most recent meet, I was still left with a lot of food for thought as to where I should go from here.


You can see all my lift attempts in the video above, as well as my thoughts about the event and my training leading up to it. Here's where you can find each lift attempt in the video.



  • :50 - First Attempt
  • 1:17 - Second Attempt
  • 2:45 - Third Attempt

Bench Press

  • 3:48 - First Attempt
  • 5:19 - Second Attempt
  • 6:20 - Third Attempt



  • 6:39 - First Attempt
  • 7:50 - Second Attempt


A big believer in practicing what he preaches, Charles Staley trains and competes just like his clients. Every Friday you can read what Charles has done this week in his workout sessions.

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