4 Bodyweight Squat Variations (Video)

Ben Musholt

Contributor - Parkour & Bodyweight Exercise

Portland, Oregon, United States

Gymnastics, Bodyweight Exercise, Parkour


In this video, Ben Musholt demonstrates four variations of a bodyweight squat. The air squat is the most common bodyweight squat, but for some variation for you or your clients, try these: 


  • The prisoner squat - This helps to keep you weight back throughout the squat.
  • The single leg crouched squat - This simulates picking something up off the floor using your leg as a counterbalance.
  • The BOSU get-up - This is a great variation for additional abdominal work
  • The Cocorinha - This is a Capoeira movement. Only put just enough weight through your hand as you need to balance.


Replace the humble air squat with these variations in a few of your workouts. Let us know how you get on!


Every Sunday we feature a new bodyweight exercise video from physical therapist Ben Musholt, author of the Mad Skills Exercise Encyclopedia. Ben's diverse movement background spans board sports, martial arts, parkour, and gymnastics. Get watching and get moving!

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