5 Short Drills to Make the Secret Places Stronger (Video)

Donnie Thompson

Contributor - Powerlifting and Mobility

Irmo, South Carolina, United States

Powerlifting, Mobility & Recovery

Donnie “Super D” Thompson is the first man to total hit a powerlifting total over 3,000lbs. It's safe to say he has learned a few things along the way about getting stronger and steering clear of injury.


As far as Super D is concerned, the key to longevity in powerlifting, or any sport, is to make the secret places stronger. These are the places people often forget about - in particular, the shoulders, midsection, glutes, and ankles.


In this video, Super D demonstrates some drills to help you work these essential areas. Each of these drills take just a minute or two, and can be done at home or in the gym. Which leaves no excuses - time to get yourself stronger! 


  • 00:23 - Introduction to Donnie Thompson
  • 01:49 - Making the secret places stronger
  • 03:22 - The shoulders - a short and effective warm up
  • 06:15 - The low back - a drill to unlock the hips and back
  • 10:28 - The ankles - compression for performance gains
  • 14:40 - Hernias - how they happen and how to avoid them
  • 15:17 - The midsection - diffusing the tissue with a kettlebell or roller
  • 18:33 - The glutes - the butt walk to fire up the QL and adductors
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