5 Tips For Creating a Simple Meditation Space

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Taking the time to designate a special space for meditation, will allow you to easily transition into making meditation a daily practice. A meditation space can be any size. You might be lucky enough to have a whole room in your home that you can devote to your mediation practice. However, most people can simply use a laundry closet, extra bedroom, home office, or garage and make special place to relax, following these simple steps.


5 Tips For Creating a Simple Meditation Space 



1. Find a Space: 

Don’t be picky; find a small area in your home that is easy to access with good ventilation, temperature control, and lighting. If you are near a window space, use solar shades to block any harsh sunlight. If air quality is poor or stagnant use a HEPA Air Purifier to clean the air. If you live in a colder climate make sure the room is warm enough for you to feel comfortable. A portable space heater can be a nice addition in the winter months for early morning meditations.


5 Tips For Creating a Simple Meditation Space - Fitness, tips2. Create a Distraction-Free Environment:

Turn off your electronic devices for this short period of time. This includes cellphones, laundry timers, dishwashers, and any other appliance that creates noise. Remove or cover all visible work, laundry, and to do lists. Keep everything out of your direct view during your practice. This quiet, tidy, and distraction free space will enhance your meditation practice. You can also create a "do not disturb" sign to put on the door to let others know you are meditating.


3. Keep it Clean:

Keep your space free from any dirt, dust, mess, and clutter. Make sure you sweep, dust mop, or vacuum often to keep the room simple, clean, and inviting.


4. Create Something Beautiful and Inspiring:

This is a personal choice, you can keep it simple with a nice rug or colorful mat to sit on. Using plants, fresh flowers, candles, pictures, or framed inspiring quotes can also help to set your mood for relaxation.


5. Get Comfortable:

Set up an a space that allows you to relax and get comfortable. Use pillows, bolsters, or even a comfortable chair. Many yogi’s also enjoy keeping warm while meditating. Use a large blanket, scarf, or shawl to get comfy. 

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