7 Articles to Warm You Up for Winter

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As the temperature drops and the weather changes for the worse for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it doesn't mean your spirits need to drop or your training needs to change for the worse. There are plenty of positive changes you can make to combat the cold onslaught and lack of sunshine. Here are eight articles to help fire you up for the winter weather. 


winter, warm up, cold, seasons, SAD, freeze, temperature4 Tips for Acclimating to Winter Training (Jeff Kuhland)

Don’t let the winter cold stop your training, but rather, come into spring with a great base for the year. Use the winter as a training cycle and not a period of hibernation.



How Timing and Temperature Affect Your Warm Up (Doug Dupont)

In a recent study, researchers asked how cold temperatures and long pauses between your warmup and workout affect performance.


Easy Detox Recipes to Help You Break the Winter Blues (Willow Ryan)

The winter weather and lack of sunshine got you down? You can help fight the winter blues by detoxing and feeding your body properly. Here are some easy, nutrient-dense recipes to try.



Diagnosing and Treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) (Michelle Baumann)

For some people, the lack of sunlight during the fall and winter can lead to feeling seriously blue and even depressed. This is known as seasonal affective disorder (SAD).


Fight the Freeze: Prevention and Treatment of Frostbite (Valerie Worthington)

Winter athletes run the risk of literally freezing themselves. Learn how to stay warm even in the coldest temperatures and stave off frostbite.


Be Your Personal Sunshine: 8 Strategies to Reduce SAD (Willow Ryan)

The change of season is beautiful, but it can be challenging on our mood and energy. Here are 8 tips I use to combat seasonal affective disorder, as autumn rolls in and sunshine disappears.


An athlete has many seasons - seasons of competition, seasons of injury and wellness, seasons of aging. How do you deal with these seasons? I think accepting them and evolving is the best choice.


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