9 Ideas to Help an Injured, Stiff, or Painful Neck

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The neck is often an under-considered part of the body when it comes to both pre and post injury care. Here are nine articles and videos to help to keep your neck in check – spanning the topics of prevention, tension relief, treatment, and healing. 


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The Critical Importance of Neck and Head Training in Sports (Tom Kelso) 

Enter a high school or college weight room and take an inventory of the equipment. How many neck machines do you see? Usually none. But the proper neck exercises could save an athlete's brain.



Use Your Head to Save Your Neck: 4 Ways You're Causing Neck Injury (Jeff Kuhland)

There is a direct correlation between poor form and posture and increased injury rates. So, follow along below to fix your issues before they become a serious problem.


Science Looks At Head and Neck Injury Risk in MMA and Boxing (Tom Kelso)

In MMA and boxing, padded gloves and headgear are designed to lessen the forces encountered, primarily those resulting from linear acceleration, but what about other types of impact forces?


Downward Dog at the Wall - Releasing Neck Tension (Willow Ryan)

Many of us struggle with tension in our necks and jaws. Today we will practice releasing neck tension during this pose so we can carry that practice through our day.



Breaking Muscle Video - Self-Applied Acupressure for Neck and Back Relief (Jon Kolaska)

A simple technique for using the dreaded lacrosse balls (or tennis balls if you want something softer) to relieve tension in your back and neck.


Snore No More: Relieve Neck Tension (And Your Loved Ones) (Willow Ryan)

I was recently informed that I snore. What? Before me and my relationship came to blows, I decided it was time to investigate my neck position during the day and found the cure to my snoring dilemma.


Breaking Muscle Video - Rolling Your Neck for BJJ (Traver H. Boehm)

Rolling out after a workout is good for ALL parts of the body - in Brazilian jiu jitsu rolling out your neck can make a big difference. Watch to find out about a great tool!


The Best and Safest Way to Treat Neck Pain, Strains, and Stiffness (Meghan Hackler)

It is imperative in the case of neck injury to have the proper diagnosis before beginning treatment. Home treatments can negatively impact your recovery - or even make the problem more sinister.


3 Simple Ways to Heal a Stiff, Sore, or Injured Neck (Traver H. Boehm)

One of the most common martial arts injuries is cervical strain or sprain - meaning a sore, tight, or injured neck. Here are three simple ways you can help yourself heal


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