A Core Training and Shoulder Rehab Exercise for Athletes

Andy McKenzie


Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise, Mobility & Recovery


Andy McKenzie is an expert in bodyweight and core training. This week, he reveals a challenging core exercise that also hits the shoulders. It is a good fit for people in end-stage shoulder rehab, as well as athletes who do a lot of overhead work.


This exercise is a slight variation on the hanging leg raise, but one small change will make it feel a lot harder. To perform it:


  1. Grab a pull up bar.
  2. Pull yourself up, but bring your head in front of the bar. Raise your traps to the height of your hands.
  3. Make sure your body is tight.
  4. Raise and lower your legs in a controlled fashion, keeping them straight.
  5. When you are done, slowly lower yourself before letting go of the bar, maintaining tension in your lats.


Your entire body, especially your core, will be working hard to complete this leg raise variation. Throw it into your next workout to change things up!


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