A Dynamic Running Warm Up to Prevent Injury

James Dunne

United Kingdom

Running, Injury rehabilitation, Triathlon


James Dunne, founder of Kinetic Revolution, is a running coach. He specialises in identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that impair efficiency in endurance athletes.


In this video, he presents a comprehensive and dynamic warm up to prepare you for a productive running session. Start off with a brisk walk or a light jog to get your blood flowing, then move on to the following exercises:


  1. High Skip With Opposite Arm Reach - Skip forward and jump as high as you can. Reach the arm opposite your raised knee overhead.
  2. High Skip With Pec Stretch - As you skip, swing your arms inward and outward, elbows straight, to stretch your pectoral muscles.
  3. Skip With Knee Across Body - Bring your knee up and across your body each time you skip and swing your arms to the opposite side. 
  4. Sumo Squat - Squat with a wide stance. As you rise, pivot on one foot to face the opposite direction, moving laterally as you squat.
  5. Lunge With Rotation - Lunge forward and rotate your arms to the side of your forward knee, the immediately move into the next lunge.
  6. Reverse Lunge - Step one leg behind you and bend the knee to sink into a lunge, keeping your chest upright.
  7. High Knees - Push into the ground, pump your arms and drive your knee as high as possible with each step.
  8. Butt Flicks - Use your hamstrings to kick your heels up toward your butt as you move forward.
  9. Kicking Down the Door - Kick your foot in front of you and actively use your hamstring to "scrape" it back down. Take a few short steps before moving to the next kick.


After these movements, perform a technique run for fifty to sixty meters where you run at a manageable pace but focus on form. You'll be fully warmed up and ready to safely tackle your run.


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