A Loaded Push Up to Power Up Your Abs and Glutes

Andy McKenzie


Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise, Mobility & Recovery


Andy McKenzie is an expert in bodyweight and core training. This week, he shares a push up variation that targets shoulder stability as well as core and glute strength. The drill requires:


  • Gymnastics rings
  • Two kettlebells
  • A heavy-duty resistance band
  • A box


To perform the exercise:


  1. Connect the bells with the band, then place it on your back.
  2. Adjust the rings so you can place your feet on the box and get in plank position while holding the rings.
  3. Tighten your abs and squeeze your glutes.
  4. Lower yourself, then explosively push up from the bottom. Focus on full range of motion. You are above the ground, so take advantage of that and sink down as far as possible on each rep.


If you have a training partner, you can have him or her assist while you hold a plank. Your training partner can move the kettlebells around, creating instability and variable resistance, so you will need to create even more tension to stay in the plank.


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