A More Effective Way to Stretch Your Quads

James Dunne

United Kingdom

Running, Injury rehabilitation, Triathlon


James Dunne, founder of Kinetic Revolution, is a running coach. He specialises in identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that impair efficiency in endurance athletes. 


In this video, he shares a variation of the classic quad stretch. Most people exhibit some hip flexion when they perform the traditional stretch, which minimises the effect. Instead of just pulling your heel up to your butt, use his cues to focus the stretch.


  • Keep your chest tall.
  • Slightly bend the knee of your supporting leg.
  • Squeeze your glutes to push your hips forward.
  • Pull your heel further back, relax, then repeat.


All of these cues increase the tension on the quads, making it significantly more effective than a simple standing stretch. Little changes add up to big results.


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