A Recap of Olympic Proportions: 7 Articles on Games Past and Present

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With the Olympic Games starting this week, we couldn't help but bring out some of our best posts on Olympic athletes and events. These seven pieces feature several different Olympic athletes and events, from women's softball, to paralympic athletes, to a bit of swimming history. Enjoy these articles and the Games!


Lifting in London: Ask Not What Olympic Weightlifting Can Do For You (Nick Horton)

For Olympic weightlifting to succeed in the USA we either need a lot more lifters or a lot more lifters on steroids. But there is one simple thing you can do to help out...



A Recap of Olympic Proportions: 7 Articles on Games Past and Present - Fitness, Olympics, sports, olympians, london olympics

Countdown to the Olympics: Swimming Through the Ages (Hannah Caldas)

As the Olympics approach let's look back at the evolution of swimming since the 1896 Games, and also what are the "must watch" events on the Olympic swimming event schedule.


Olympic Warning For 2012: Compete Clean or Get Caught (Tom Kelso)

David Cowan, the man leading the anti-doping program for the Olympics, noted the London games will be the “riskiest” ever for drug cheats. Read on to find out about all the new tests.


Friday Flicks: Ryley Batt and Wheelchair Rugby (Breaking Muscle HQ)

Along with the Olympic Games in London this summer comes the Paralympics. One of the most exciting sports there is wheelchair rugby and the sport's biggest star is Ryley Batt.


Unassuming Champion: Olympian and Pro-Softball Player Andrea Duran (Danette "Dizzle" Rivera)

Andrea Duran is an Olympic silver medalist and a professional athlete, but she still has to fight constantly for her sport and for the future of women's professional sports in general.


Friday Flicks: The Fosbury Flop (Breaking Muscle HQ)

As we get closer to the summer Olympics in London, the Friday Flicks takes on the Fosbury Flop. Do you know what it is and how it originated?


Measuring a Marathon: The Science Behind Measurement at the Olympics (Joshua Wortman)

Who measures out the courses at the Olympics and how do they know they're accurate? Turns out it's a giant team of researchers and some seriously high-tech equipment.

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