Amber Lee's Kettlebell Holiday Wish List

Amber Lee

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EDITORS NOTE: We know how hard it is to gift shop, so we thought we would help you out with ideas. If kettlebells are vying for the attention of your friend or significant other, win back his or her heart with one of these holiday gift ideas from RKC Amber Lee.


Amber's Kettlebell Holiday Wish List



It’s the time of year when we love to make the UPS guy do all of our heavy lifting, and what better person to shop for than the kettlebell enthusiast in your life? Thankfully, we kettlebell users need more than just large pieces of iron to make our workout lives complete. I’ve put together a list of helpful, outside-the-box items to help you out when shopping for the kettlebell lover in your life.


One word of caution: Unless you know your kettlebell lover very well, don’t even think about buying them a kettlebell. We’re all very particular about our kettlebell of choice, and while mine is a Dragon Door, I can’t make assumptions about what anyone else loves, nor do I want to start a battle of the bells online. So when in doubt, ask!


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1. Kettlebell Dishware - $18.00-$22.00

While the thoughts of kettlebells and dishware combined can bring to mind a disaster akin to a bull in a china shop, the whimsical designs of Etsy vendor Foldedpigs brings the two together flawlessly. I think I need a one-pood tea mug!


2. Camco RV Wheel Dock - $14.02

Uh, what? I know this seems like a strange item to be on the list, but hear me out! These are great for putting on the floor or seat of your car and resting your kettlebells on, and then threading the seatbelt through the handle for double stability. If your kettlebell enthusiast likes to take their bells in the car, this is a great unusual gift!


3. Harbinger Polypro Dip Belt - 22.49

Fitness, kettlebells, Holiday Guide, reviews, wish list

Have you seen your kettlebell-loving friend doing things like looping their foot through a kettlebell and trying to do pull ups? If so, this may be the gift to give. This is the belt I see used quite often for weighted pull ups, and it can be nice to not have to worry about damaging the floor as well.


Fitness, kettlebells, Holiday Guide, reviews, wish list

4. CAP Barbell 6-Piece Antimicrobial Puzzle Mats - $26.71

Speaking of floor damage, if your kettlebell enthusiast is someone you live with and you want to provide a little space for practicing, may I recommend these interlocking foam squares for setting up a home gym, or just a gym-like corner? I have them at home and they protect my wood floor from my kettlebell, and also provide a place to lay down and stretch.


5. Again Faster Portable Pull Up Bar - $89.00

If your enthusiast likes to work out outside and doesn’t have a pull up bar, consider the Again Faster portable pull up bar. The flagship offering of Again Faster, this bar works with two adjustable straps and is highly customizable. Great for outside or inside use!


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6. Fashletics Kettlebell Necklace for Men and Women - $28.00

Perhaps something a little sparkly is more your gift-recipient’s style? If so, grace them with this hefty but adorable kettlebell charm. Different chain options and lengths are available for customization. I have this charm in several different sizes and can speak to both the quality and the accuracy of this wee kettlebell reproduction.


7. RKC Book of Strength and Conditioning - $39.95

This book has a wealth of workouts that would keep even the most seasoned of kettlebell enthusiasts busy for a long while. I recommend it in normal book form for proper note-taking.


Fitness, kettlebells, Holiday Guide, reviews, wish list

8. Gymboss miniMAX Timer - $27.95

A classic with a new twist, the Gymboss miniMAX timer is a great way to spice up workouts by doing intervals. The new version has several new features including up to 25 intervals, the ability to save up to twenty programs, and more. And it doesn't just come in pink - there are some cool colors available.


I worked to make these gifts as gender-neutral as possible to help find solutions for both the man and woman in your life. If you have any other ideas or suggestions for kettlebell gifts, please put them in the comments!



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