Arm Triangle Dominance in MMA With Danny Mitchell

Stuart Tomlinson

Guest Contributor

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Welcome to the latest video in our series of martial arts tutorials filmed and explained by Warrior Collective. Warrior Collective is run by Stuart Tomlinson, who has been involved in shaping the UK martial arts scene for over twenty years.


In this piece, Danny Mitchell - world class professional MMA Fighter, UFC veteran, and head coach of Asylum Vale Tudo MMA runs through defensive tactics using the bottom guard in MMA. During the video, Danny demonstrates how to utilise the arm triangle to counter an opponent's strikes and improve your defensive position.


The Origin of MMA

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, was a term coined in the early nineties to describe combat sports that allowed striking and grappling within the same contest. Although mixed rules bouts had been taking place across the world for centuries, the modern emergence of large promotional outfits such as UFC and Pride have grown to what we know as the sport of MMA today.


Bottom Guard in MMA

Being underneath an opponent during an MMA bout leaves you open to taking hard strikes as he or she seeks a knockout. To counter this, setting up in the arm triangle can drain your opponent’s energy. In the best case scenario, you will be able to finish the choke from this position. In the worst case, you will still be able to control your opponent and stop any more serious damage from occurring.


Another great aspect of using this defensive technique is that it can lead to a stronger offensive position. It is a strong change of position if you can transition from your back to your opponent’s back in one swift move. Once you get your opponent to his or her back, you will be fighting from a much more dominant position.


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