Athlete Journal: Chris Duffin, Entry 32 - Rehab, Week Two

Chris Duffin

Contributor - Champion Powerlifter

Portland, Oregon, United States



EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to the Athlete Journal of world champion powerlifter Chris Duffin. Follow Chris as he trains and competes in various events over the coming year. Chris's journal will be posted every Tuesday. You can also read about Chris on his personal website


Athlete Journal, Entry 32: Rehab, Week Two



Finishing up my second week of rehab post injury from the December 1st meet. Rehab is going extraordinarily well, although I still have a long ways to go. The detail on the rehab work as far as exercises/sets/reps is hard to track as it’s done multiple times a day and in an unplanned fashion whenever I have time. The motions also vary with each session based on where my body leads me. For this reason I have never included much/any of it in my written workouts.


I noted in my video that I’m beta testing USP Labs new patented anabolic starting last week. I’m not sure if that is playing a role in the quick recovery I’m seeing so far but it might. I have also noticed that I have had to really ramp up my food intake just to maintain my bodyweight.




Bench Press – Feet in air


95+200 chain x 10

135+200 chain x8

185+200 chain x7

225+200 chain x3


Dumbbell Floor Press w/Band

100+green x12,12




Weighted Dips

BW+100 x12, 12, 12


Hook Grip Hold

405x35s +5s



Hook Grip Hold 405x40s +10s



Hip Abduction BW squats (see video) 5x20

Leg Extensions 200x20,20,20

Terminal Knee Extensions #3-#5 bands 4x20/leg

Walking with Prowler x 2 passes

Hook Grip Hold 405x40s, 56s +16s



Hook Grip Hold 405x40s -16s



Stallions (see video)






Hook Grip Hold 405x40s, 59.3sec +3s


Pullup – Neutral Grip


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