Athlete Journal: Ingrid Kantola, Entry 4 - 3/12/12

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Ingrid Kantola - Athlete Journal 3/12/12

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The week of The CrossFit Open 12.3


As promised: Nutrition!!


I am not passionate about nutrition. I don’t love cooking; I don’t love experimenting with food and supplements. I came across The Zone Diet through general exposure in the CrossFit Journal in early 2009. I never actually weighed and measured my food, but I gave attention to the portions of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins I took in. I eventually became aware of the paleo diet and began limiting grains and dairy in my diet, but I have never fully adopted a strict eating regimen.


Fitness, crossfit, nutrition, supplements, Fish Oil, athlete journalsI have been much better at consistently eating clean in 2012. Vegetables, meat, fruit, and eggs are the staples of my diet. I still allow for occasional cheat meals and treats, but I am much more controlled than I have ever been. The results I see in my body and performance when I don’t allow those little candy bars and bi-weekly ice cream sundaes are far more satisfying!


I have taken iron supplements since high school, when I was borderline anemic. I take ferrous sulfate with a B-complex vitamin that has vitamin C to help absorb the iron. I am also a full believer in glucosamine, chondroitin, and MSM for joint support. I have been taking fish oil since starting CrossFit and fell in love with the liquid version from Faster, Stronger, Healthier. I obviously had to stop taking it for a while before and after my heart surgery when I was required to be on warfarin (blood thinners). I was not even allowed to eat a lot of leafy greens when on the blood thinners because the vitamin K interacts with the way the meds worked. It was a scary time to be on such powerful medications. Since then, however, fish oil has been a staple in my supplement regimen to aid in decreasing inflammation and aiding recovery. I absolutely swear by taking swigs straight from the bottle in the morning with breakfast and post workout. I get at least 3500mg of EPA and DHA a day, usually more.


My last supplement that I use is Stronger, Faster, Healthier Whey Protein. I have been using their Post Workout/Recovery blend on a nearly daily basis. Having this powder in my workout bag makes post-workout nutrition easy and I like that they use whey from grass-fed-free-range cows! I just started experimenting with their Daily Balance, Pre-Race, and In-Race whey protein formulas. They have pretty solid flavors and I am still practicing timing for supplements prior to workouts.


I usually eat breakfast and take vitamins at around 8AM. Then I don’t eat again until 3:30 or 4PM. With the Daily Balance and Pre-Race formulas I am able to get something in my system and add a little extra fuel prior to strenuous workouts without having to be afraid of Pukie. My last meal is usually around 8PM.


This week I tried the Pre-Race formula prior to the 12.3 WOD. I knew it was going to be a long one and wanted something extra to keep my energy up. I took the same strategy into the WOD as I did for the burpees: Do Not Stop. And while I did break most of my push press sets, I only broke one set of toes-to-bar due to rainy conditions on our semi-outdoor pull up bars. I kept a solid pace through the entire workout and finished with 11 rounds and 8 box jumps. Props to the people who got into 13-15 rounds! They hauled major!


My prediction for next week is a couplet of some skill like muscle ups or handstand push-ups with cleans. I got box jumps right last week and I doubt they will make us do pull ups and a major skill in the same WOD. We will see!!



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