Athlete Journal: Narisa Wild, Entry 3 - What's Next?

Narisa Wild

Athlete Journal - Marathon Runner

Westchester, Illinois, United States

Endurance Sports

EDITOR'S NOTE: Welcome to journal of marathon runner, mother, and busy New Yorker, Narisa Wild. Look for more from Narisa as she trains for and runs in marathons all over the world.


Journal Entry 3 - What's Next?



The biggest question posed by a runner about a minute after completing a marathon is: "What's next?" There is such elation with the accomplishment that with it follows a big crash and sometimes mild sadness about what one's next goal should be. A marathon runner isn't happy unless they are working towards a goal. 


narisa wild, marathon runner, marathon training, marathon training journalSo that's where I am currently. I've been focusing on my family and on letting my leg rest properly with lots of physical therapy and stretching. 


I've got a new obsession called Soul Cycle, which is like a club mixed with serious hardcore spin cycling. It incorporates leg, arms and abdominal work all at once - love it. My other strength training is through Pure Barre, which is like yoga meets Pilates meets core strength work. I can definitely feel the benefits of doing this once a week coupled with intense marathon training. 


I'll get back to running over turkeyweekend for sure. Two weeks of no running is about all I can bear.


So now I'll be maintaining a base level of fitness, with around 20-30 miles per week, and I hope to find a spring marathon in May to compete in. Any suggestions are very welcome. 


Wishing you all a happy and restful Thanksgiving.

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