Athlete Journal: Peter Egyed, Entry 2 - 2/28/12

Peter Egyed

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Peter Egyed - Athlete Journal 2/28/12

(Read Peter's Bio here - he is a veteran of FOUR CrossFit Games!)



One week into the open and its safe to say the 2012 CrossFit Games season has started. More importantly how these next dozen or so weeks play out will be extremely interesting.


With the first event, CrossFit proved this sport is for everyone and I believe when its all said and done, they will find the fittest. The most important idea for competitors, new and old, is to improve on weaknesses and learn from mistakes.


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Entering the Open this year, I partnered up with some of the local affiliates to create an Arizona Open. Basically, a different gym will host the open workout each week.


I felt it was a great way to build some camaraderie amongst gyms and allow the competitors a greater competitive atmosphere. So the first workout was hosted by CrossFit Scottsdale on this past Friday night.




While knowing burpees are not a real weakness of mine, I am definitely not the best. I figured an almost tabata like interval for the first 3-4 minutes would allow an athlete to pace, not hit a wall too early and finish as strong as possible.


My plan was to complete sets of ten with a few breaths as needed between sets. Unfortunately, when the music was turned up and the clock started, I let the moment get the best of me and pushed a little too hard. Hats off to the guy who knows when to rest.


Now looking ahead to the next four weeks of the Open and preparing for Regionals, we might change things up a bit. Last year, my team and I trained hard through the Open and right up to a few weeks before Regionals.


This year we may taper off each week because honestly, heavy lifting or intense training on a Wednesday or Thursday could cause a 100pt drop in a single event this year.


We are still working hard, but truth be told, any gains made will be small and the most change will come from your weakest areas which you can hit with more precision than intensity.


Balancing this sport of ours, along with life, work, and play holds a lot of importance to our longevity in it. Competitiveness is good for it creates desire and motivation, however too much can turn things sour.


Keep everything true to why you started CrossFit in the first place. Even though there is fame and fortune on the line, the cream of the crop always rises to the top.


Take a rest day and take on 12.2 fresh. See you next week.

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