Awesome At-Home Workouts: The Cinder Block Training Plan

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You have a gym membership and time to use it regularly. Your facility most likely offers heart-rate elevating devices such as treadmills, ellipticals, and climbers. In addition, you have your compliment of barbells, dumbbells, and plate-loading and selectorized machines. If so, your gym membership gives you access to a lot of tools to play with.


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Congratulations. You're in business. Provided you use that equipment properly you can go a long way in achieving your goals of losing fat, getting strong, and improving endurance.


But what if you don’t have access to a swank facility or you only possess limited equipment to train with? Sometimes you just have to make do with what you have. But if you work hard, you can still go achieve your goals, even with minimal equipment. The key is to be creative with what you have at your disposal.


 "If you work hard, you can still go achieve your goals, even with minimal equipment." 

For example, what would you do if you only had these items?


  1. A long length of rope
  2. Two cinder blocks
  3. A sturdy bench


Here are three killer workouts that only use these three simple items:



Workout #1

1A. Cinder block squat

1B. Push up

1C. Rope pull up, from ground to standing with the rope secured overhead


2A. Cinder block lunge

2B. Cinder block overhead press

2C. Cinder block bent-over row


3A. Bench step up

3B. Bench dip

3C. Rope isometric upright row while standing on the rope




4A. Cinder block stiff-leg deadlift

4B. Push up with feet on the bench

4C. Rope isometric pull up with the rope secured safely overhead



Here are options for working through these exercises:

  • Two to four rounds of each of the four segments
  • Maximum repetitions each or a set number (i.e., 15 or 20) of each exercise
  • No rest, :20, or :40 between exercises, between segments, or rounds depending on the number of rounds



Workout #2

  1. Mountain climbers x 100 repetitions
  2. Jumping jacks x 50 repetitions
  3. Burpees x 15 repetitions
  4. Cinder block sumo deadlift x 30 repetitions
  5. Cinder block curl to press x maximum repetitions
  6. Cinder block one-arm bent-over row on the bench x maximum repetitions
  7. Rope biceps curl and triceps extension with the rope safely secured x maximum repetitions



Set and rest time options:

  • Two to three rounds of the seven exercises
  • No rest, :15, or :30 between exercises and segments, depending on the number of
  • rounds.


Workout #3

  1. Rope pull up from the ground to standing x maximum repetitions
  2. Bodyweight walking lunge x 20 on each leg
  3. Cinder block overhead press x maximum repetitions
  4. Rope isometric low row x 1:00
  5. Cinder block isometric squat hold for maximum time
  6. One or two cinder block bench press x maximum repetitions
  7. Frog jumps x 20 repetitions
  8. Bicycle crunch x 150 repetitions
  9. Rope pull up x maximum repetitions
  10. Bench mountain climbers x 200 repetitions
  11. Cinder block crunch ups x 20 repetitions
  12. Rope decline push up x maximum repetitions
  13. Bodyweight squat x 100 repetitions


Set and rest time options:

  • Two rounds should be enough, but a third or fourth round would be admirable.


It's All About Effort

Having a limited amount of conventional training devices should not preclude you from obtaining a productive workout. Whatever the equipment and devices you have at your disposal, you can make gains provided you train as hard as possible.


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