Be Your Own Roll Model, with Jill Miller, Ep 12

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Jill Miller is one of the world's leading experts on yoga, massage, and pain management. She is the industry's go-to person for everything from chronic pain, to mobility limitations, to improving performance.


Jill is the creator of Yoga Tune Up and author of The Roll Model. And, along with mobilityWOD guru Kelly Starrett, she put together a combination of self-care tools and DVDs called Treat While You Train.



In this episode, Jill talks with Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria about good pain versus bad pain, myths about fascia, and how you can actually do too much rolling.


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  • 00:00 - New things at Breaking Muscle
  • 02:39 - Introduction to Jill Miller
  • 03:16 - Jill's yoga background
  • 06:03 - Finding the balance between too little and too much rolling
  • 08:06 - How an athlete can properly self-manage dosages of rolling
  • 11:52 - When injuries are related to an acute problem versus lifestyle
  • 18:48 - Being a bridge between yoga, massage, and pain management
  • 25:58 - Fascia as a new concept and the definition of fascia
  • 30:09 - Fascia in the mainstream and its relationship with the rest of the body
  • 33:46 - What makes Jill's products and methods unique
  • 38:43 - How the tool you use to roll impacts your rolling mechanics
  • 43:38 - Learning how to gauge pain: good pain versus bad pain
  • 46:40 - Differences in opinion with Kelly Starrett
  • 49:10 - How Treat While You Train is different to Jill's other work
  • 54:39 - Jill's websites, seminars, and product retailers


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