Breaking Muscle Video: Bob Takano - Behind the Neck Jerk Balance

Bob Takano

Contributor - Olympic Weightlifting

Woodland Hills, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting

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This exercise is especially valuable for those athletes that have difficulty placing the jerk directly overhead due to range of motion issues, but mainly due to improper conceptualization.


This movement should be employed during the early technical training phase that occupies the first several weeks of a beginner’s training. The lift should be included in the middle of the training session after snatches, cleans or their derivatives have been practiced.


Repetitions per set should be in the 2 to 4 range with a manageable weight. Four to five sets is about right. The lead leg should be determined in advance and the proper foot spacing of the split should be established before proceeding. Two to three times per week is recommended until the proper feeling for locking out the jerk is mastered.


This is especially helpful for those who tend to short-step the front foot and thus braking the forward step under the bar.

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