Breaking Muscle Video - One Legged Squat

Jon Kolaska

Contributor - Health, Wellness, and Yoga

Boulder, Colorado, United States

Health, Yoga

One legged squat, pistol - it's known by a few different names, but it is an exercise that appears in a variety of disciplines. Being able to squat all your body weight on one leg requires strength, flexibility, and balance. This week we give you tips on how to develop your one legged squat, whether you're close to having one or just getting started.


Tips for the One Legged Squat:

  • Keep the shin of the standing leg as close to vertical as possible. It will move a little bit, use the glutes & inner thigh muscles to stabilize the leg.
  • Keep pressing through the heel of the standing leg.
  • Keep the back as flat as possible.



  • Chair on the wall with a block between the calves.
  • Practice going half way down on a bench, box or ant piece of furniture. Roch back up to standing.
  • Hold onto a doorway, or squat rack, and use the upper body to assist going all the way down and then back up.
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