Breaking Muscle Video - Yoga For Athletic Guys, Part 3: Hips and Legs

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Welcome to part three of our video series Yoga for Athletic Guys. This week we focus on yet another area where athletic guys tend to be tight - the hips and legs.


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Groin stretch:
Bodda Konasana - Sit on the floor and bring the soles of the feet together. Press the feet together and pull the toes back. Feel the breath move all the down to the floor.



  1. Sit up on a cushion or yoga block
  2. Sit against a wall.
  3. Use a strap
  4. Lean to one side and traction the thigh away from the hip


Hamstring stretch:

One-leg Forward Bend - Extend one leg forward and bring the other foot in toads the thigh. Keep the spine long while doing this stretch.


Quads & Hip-Flexor stretches:
Lunges - Keep the feet hips-width apart and tuck the pelvis under.



  1. Back knee down
  2. Back knee up
  3. Foot against a wall


Arm positions:

  1. Hands on a block
  2. Hands on the thigh
  3. Hands in the air
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