Build a Resilient Spine: Start Here

Matthew Ibrahim


Medford, Massachusetts, United States

Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery


2. Side Plank

This side plank incorporates the same concepts learned in the 90/90 wall breathing exercise and also in the RKC plank. The only difference now is that you’ll be on one side, which makes the exercise more challenging.


Set yourself up on the ground while lying on one side. From there, drive your elbow down toward your feet to fire your upper back muscles, which are critical for spinal stabilization and breathing.



Pop up into your side plank. Be sure to squeeze your glutes and abs, just like you did in the RKC plank to create full-body tension and stabilization.


Do This:

  1. Hold side plank for 10 seconds on left side.
  2. Hold side plank for 10 seconds on right side. That equals 1 set.
  3. Perform 3 sets per side.



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