Build a Resilient Spine: Start Here

Matthew Ibrahim


Medford, Massachusetts, United States

Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery


3. Bird-Dog

Dr. Charlie Weingroff talks about stability being “control in the presence of change.” This always makes me think of the bird-dog exercise. The primary goal here is to maintain the same full-body tension as in RKC plank exercise while extending your contralateral limbs (i.e., right arm and left leg). Pause once you return, and then alternate.


This exercise might look easy, but it often poses a challenge for many due to the increased stability demands.



Do This:

  1. Extend right arm and left leg simultaneously.
  2. Bring both limbs back to the starting position.
  3. Extend left arm and right leg simultaneously.
  4. Bring both limbs back to the starting position. That equals 1 rep per side.
  5. Complete 8 reps per side.
  6. Perform a total of 3 sets.



Continue for Video Demonstration of the Half-Kneeling Chop

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