Build a Resilient Spine: Start Here

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4. Half-Kneeling Chop

The half-kneeling chop is a challenging position that requires tension in your core and hips to stabilize the body. Adding in the arm chop across the body is a good way to disassociate lower body stability (i.e., core and hips) and upper body mobility (i.e., shoulders and minor thoracic spine rotation).


This exercise is a great way to display your ability to control your lower body in the presence of change - in this case, upper body movement.



Do This:

  1. With your right knee up and closest to the pulley, chop down from your right shoulder down to your left-hand pocket. That equals 1 rep.
  2. Complete 8 reps on that side.
  3. Switch sides and repeat for 8 reps. That equals 1 set.
  4. Perform a total of 3 sets.



Build a Supple Spine

Movement and performance should never be robbed by lower back pain. You should be moving, performing, and training with a resilient spine that is built to last. Spinal stabilization is your first step toward building that resiliency for the long term. Your movement and performance will make strides once you’ve mastered these basic exercises.


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