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Dear Coach,
So I am coach at my CrossFit box and a lot of our athletes have asked about how to avoid, care for, and keep your hands rip free. I seem to tear every time I try to do a hefty amount, no matter how well I have shaved down or pumiced my calluses. Just wondering if you have any awesome tips for hand maintenance?



Running Out of Tape


Dear Running Out of Tape,


Well, you are in luck because I actually wrote a couple articles on this very topic a while back. Ripping your palms is something just about every CrossFitter goes through. Some people's hands will toughen up over time and other people's skin will stay sensitive. Part of it is just genetic. But a big part of it is caring for your body and being prepared before the workout. If you do wind up with rips, there are some great, simple ways to get them to heal faster, too.


Please check out the following articles:

Hand Care 101: Preventing Rips
Hand Care 102: Treating Rips

And if none of that ever works you can always try what Bart Conner told a friend of mine he saw the Soviet gymnasts do back in the day - urinate on their torn hands! (Seriously, that's what he said they did!)


Coach Becca Borawski
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