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Dear Willow,


What is a great way to work on flattening my belly? I feel bloated and my digestion suffers. Is there a yoga exercise I can do to help?



Intestinal Fortitude


Dear Intestinal Fortitude,


Yes! Along with doing specific abdominal exercises where the belly muscles are actively flexing, there is a yoga exercise you can try. It is called Nauli and is a Kriya, or cleansing action, where the abdominal muscles actively flex and passively stretch in vertical undulation. Watch this video to learn more and see how to do it. Nauli is an exercise that helps create energy, remove intestinal wastes, and relieve bloating, constipation, and gas. It also increases digestion and builds consciousness around your belly. I use this exercise to remove wastes created from racing and it has helped me rebuild my esteem and love for my body by creating moves that I could feel excited about. Enjoy the video and keep asking great questions.




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