Dear Willow: What Is Forrest Yoga?

Willow Ryan

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Dear Willow,


I’m relatively new to the yoga scene and I read in many of your articles about your experience with a style called Forrest Yoga. What exactly is this and how do I learn more? It seems like it combines many elements of healing that I would like to learn more about. Where can I find out more about Forrest Yoga in my area?




Forrest Yoga Inquirer


Dear Forrest Yoga Inquirer,


Oh, you are tugging on my heartstrings with these questions. Forrest Yoga has been instrumental in my development during my twenties and thirties. This system has ultimately become one of my many homes.


What it is NOT:

  • We do not practice in a forest; there are no trees.
  • It is not a dogmatic system.
  • Forrest Yoga does not want you to be anything other than who you are, so if you are a competitive athlete, there is encouragement and alliance with your identity.
  • You will never be asked to turn in your identity to conform with Forrest Yoga. In fact, we often promote that you disobey the dictates of your mind and of people who are unsupportive of the life you want to live.


What it is:

  • A diverse community of Forrest Yoga practitioners who honor living with integrity.
  • A system to develop more assertiveness and speaking truthfully.




ana forrest, forrest yoga, willow ryanForrest Yoga combines introspection, language, breathing, and long holding poses to build strength and remedy old wounds. Forrest Yoga practitioners are not one demographic as it caters to alleviating pain, which we all have. Many long-time yoga enthusiasts venture to Forrest Yoga after experiencing injuries or to fulfill a quench to develop themselves past their comfort zone.


Ana Forrest, creator of Forrest Yoga, has been studying medicine ceremony and her own yoga development for decades. She developed Forrest Yoga out of a necessity for present day humans to heal modern day ailments and has been helping people heal and transform their lives for over thirty-five years.


Key Poses in Forrest Yoga: These simple actions help steady the body during an emotional storm or unravel physical entanglement.


Active feet and hands

Expanding ribs with breath

Relaxing the neck

Ujjayi breath

Turbo Dog

Shoulder shrugs


There are also additional Forrest Yoga poses to alleviate tight hips caused from emotional blockages. These blockages might be from sexual trauma, surgeries, running, withholding sexuality or sensuality, and/or past parental strife.


ana forrest, forrest yoga, willow ryanTo find a teacher in your area, visit the Forrest Yoga website and click on the “Find A Teacher” link. Forrest Yoga teachers are spread around the world - find one in your area and enjoy the healing and magic that comes from this vigor producing style of asana.




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