Drive Your Hips Through to Become a Faster Runner

James Dunne

United Kingdom

Running, Injury rehabilitation, Triathlon


James Dunne, founder of Kinetic Revolution, is a running coach. He specialises in identifying and correcting dysfunctional movement patterns that impair efficiency in endurance athletes.


In this video, he brings attention to one of the most important factors in running - powerful hip extension. Elite runners and triathletes use their posterior chain to extend their hips fully and propel themselves into the next stride. However, many athletes do not take full advantage of their hips, costing them in performance.


The squat is a good exercise to screen your hip movement. In a basic bodyweight squat:


  • Your knees must bend.
  • Your hips must hinge.
  • Your hips must fully extend at the top so there is a straight line from your feet to your shoulders.


People often fall short on the third point, the hip extension. You can improve both your squat and your running mechanics if you focus on squeezing your glutes at the top of the squat and pushing your hips all the way through. Practice full hip extension with both bodyweight squats and single leg squats.


Make full hip extension a habit in all of your exercises, especially the squat, and it will carry over to and improve your running.


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