Eradicating Stupidity with Andrew Read: Breaking Muscle Radio, Ep 3

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In this packed episode, Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria, speak with Andrew Read. Through more than twenty years in the fitness industry, Andrew has worked with Olympians, national champions, and everyday athletes. He continues to drive himself forward both athletically and in terms of knowledge, training with some of the best in the world including Dan John and the Gym Jones crew.


If you want to learn how to coach better, program better, and perform better, then press play, sit back, and enjoy!



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Andrew Read has been a personal trainer and a coach for over two decades. Even after a lifetime of competitive martial arts and some time spent in special forces he still maintains a passion for increasing human performance, especially that go-all-day, outrun-a-zombie, live-in-an-apocalyptic-wasteland kind of fitness. His personal and professional experience combine to create a unique and insightful perspective on the fitness industry and those within it.


  • 00:13 - Introduction to Andrew Read
  • 01:12 - Andrew's background as a writer
  • 02:42 - The state of the personal training industry
  • 03:20 - The skills personal trainers need to have longevity in the industry
  • 05:11 - The business side of training and the personal sacrifices required
  • 09:37 - Feelings on CrossFit and how it fits in to the fitness industry
  • 11:55 - Eliminating stupidity in the industry
  • 13:29 - Who is not stupid in the fitness industry
  • 18:05 - Dan John, Pavel, and other greats - what we can learn from them
  • 21:21 - Thirty-second elevator pitch on Andrew's training philosophy
  • 22:50 - Getting caught up in one aspect of fitness
  • 24:33 - Balancing training plans and scheduling a training week
  • 31:46 - Considerations for masters athletes
  • 36:13 - Active recovery and days off
  • 40:00 - The importance of lifestyle and mindset
  • 46:05 - Short questions related to strength and conditioning
  • 50:24 - Andrew's contact details and upcoming events


Andrew has a background that ranges from special forces through to Ironman. He is a Master RKC and writes for several websites and magazines such as Oxygen, Ultrafit, Blitz, and his own blog at Read Performance Training.


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