First Week of Prep for World Championships (Athlete Journal 37)

Terry Hadlow

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Olympic Weightlifting

I started preps for World Championships on August 3, 2014. I have a few concerns, the major one being I am working on fixing my left wrist. If that doesn’t come around it is going to be a hard two months. 


First Week of Prep for World Championships (Athlete Journal 37) - Fitness, athlete journals




Snatch work from the blocks. I did pulls from various positions to give my wrist a break. 


  • Bar on blocks at knee height: 40 kg for 2 sets of 5 reps
  • 50kg for 2 sets of 5
  • 60kg for 2 sets of 5


I was working on as high of extension as possible, with each rep hitting just under my chin with my elbows pointed to the ceiling. Next exercise was snatch pulls from the floor with 120kg for two sets of five reps.


Sunday - Back squats

It took a long time to warm up. I took 20kg for what seemed like an infinite number of sets. 


  • Back squat: 70kg for 2 sets of 5 reps
  • 100 kg for 1x5
  • 120 kg for 4x5


As luck would have it, my right groin reared its ugly head, eliminating any opportunity for speed squats. That’s alright, I decided to do presses instead, alternating back and forth doing 40kg for 2x12 and 50kg for 2x12.




My wrist did not seem to be bothered by clean and jerks, so I decided to stick with what was planned. Warm up went smoothly, so things felt good even after yesterday’s back squats.


  • Speed cleans: 40 kg for 1x5
  • 50kg for 2x5
  • 70kg 2x5
  • 90kg for 2x5


  • Power clean from hang with jerk: 50kg for 2x4+1
  • 70kg for 2x4+1
  • 90kg for 2x4+1


  • Power clean and jerk: 70kg 1+1
  • 90kg 1+1
  • 100kg 2x1+1
  • 110kg 2x1+1
  • 120kg 1+1




I finished off with clean pulls at 150kg for 2x5, with the last rep on the last set a slow pull.



Stretch and warm up session. Things were feeling generally good.



Back to snatch work. I wanted to see how my wrist felt by doing some overhead work. I started with pulls from the block with bar at knee height. Again, I was extending as high as possible, with elbows to the ceiling.


  • Pulls from the block with bar at knee height: 50kg 2x5
  • 70kg 2x5
  • 90kg 2x5
  • Power snatch from the blocks: 50kg 2x5



I decided I was going to assess discomfort after each set on the power snatch from the blocks. 50kg was certainly livable, so I jumped to 60kg for 2x5. I felt pain with 60kg, but no worse than 50kg, so I jumped to 70kg 2x5. My level of discomfort was accelerating. 


  • Power Snatch from the floor: 55kg for 2x5 – Pain was okay, so I made a few jumps.
  • 65kg for 2x5
  • 75kg for 1x5
  • 80kg for 1x5. I should have never gone to 80kg – my wrist paid the price. 


The last exercise was snatch pull from the floor at 120kg 2x5, with the last rep of the second set a slow pull.



Front squats today. Long, methodical warm up. My right groin was a little tender, so I decided to be extra cautious. 


20kg for 2x5 - see, I have no limits today!

70kg for 2x5


Stop Squats: 110kg for 1x7, 1x5, 1x3


My groin was way too sore to continue, so I decided I was packing it in.



Long circuit day. My wrist and groin were too sore, so I decided to pass. Really not a great week - things better improve.

Terry Hadlow got started in Olympic weightlifting in 1970 and is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades - 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Follow Terry's journal here to learn about his approach to training and competing.

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