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Starting today you can train like a Strongman! You know, flipping tires, heaving rocks, doing farmer's carries, and all that fun, but incredibly functional stuff.


Our strongman workouts are written by coach Chet Morjaria and are designed to build you up to being competition ready, if you so desire. They also work if your desire is to just get old-school strong.



The workout program is partly based on the Westside Conjugate Method. You will repeat the following four cycles:


  1. strongman training, strongman workouts, strongman strength, strongmanMaximum Effort Lower Body
  2. Maximum Effort Upper Body
  3. Dynamic Effort Lower Body
  4. Dynamic Effort Upper Body


And the events you'll be training for are:


  • Squat: Max Reps in 75 seconds
  • Tire Flip: 25m for time
  • Log Clean and Press: Max Reps in 75 seconds
  • Farmers Walk: 25m for time
  • Atlas Stones: 5 stones for time


Sound fun? Certainly seems to be a good twist on strength training to us. Get started today - new workouts will be posted every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but you can join in from the start at any time.


For more on why you should consider training like a strongman, read coach Chet's article:

33 Reasons to Train Strongman


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