Give Your Body a Break: 7 Articles to Help You Rest and Recover

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It's important to work hard, but giving your body a break is also a crucial part of building strength and endurance. These seven articles will help you give your body the rest it needs to recover and refuel after your workout.


Real World Advice For Post Workout Nutrition (Stephanie Greunke)

Stephanie Greunke, nutrition expert, gives us the simple why and how behind good post workout nutrition. It's not that complicated and you really ought to be doing it.



Time to Get Chilly: 3 Ways to Use Cold Therapy For Increased Recovery (Andrew Read)

Who doesn't love an freezing cold ice bath? While athletes may not love them, they DO love the benefits. Find out three ways cold therapy can improve your performance.


Give Your Body a Break: 7 Articles to Help You Rest and Recover - Fitness, Recovery, mobility, icing

Athlete Journal: Valerie Worthington, Entry 9 - The Not-Training Sessions (Valerie Worthington)

If your favorite thing to do in your downtime is walk around in your home dressed like the Hamburglar and watch Yo Gabba Gabba, embrace that sh*t. I'm making the most of my training downtime.


Product Review: APS Recovery (Logan Gelbrich)

With all the talk about post workout nutrition we decided to review some products on the market. Find out why APS Recovery is one of the better options out there.


Befriend Your Body: Say No to Overtraining and Say Thank You to Your Body (Valerie Worthington)

I learned the hard way that constantly beating up my body without appreciating what it gave me can only end up in a place of illness and injury. Read how I learned to express gratitude to my body.


Train Hard and Go Easy: Balancing Work, Rest, and Play (Melissa Joulwan)

Until fairly recently, "More is better" was my training mantra. But low-grade injuries and a thyroid-adrenal meltdown forced me to reconsider. Here are 5 ways I balance work, rest, and play.


An Idiot's Guide to Post Workout Recovery Drinks (Andrew Read)

Sports drinks are a huge industry - over $1.5 billion back in 2007. But what do you REALLY need to look for in a sports drink and how does it ACTUALLY help your body?

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