Greg Everett Needs Your Help Holiday Wish List

Greg Everett

Featured Coach

Sunnyvale, California, United States

Olympic Weightlifting

EDITOR'S NOTE: Greg Everett is well known for his books on Olympic weightlifting. He has also been featured here on Breaking Muscle in interviews and in his three-week Olympic lifting program. Now Greg needs YOUR help.


Can you help him come up with the perfect products to finish out his holiday wish list? Please post your suggestions to the comments below.



Greg Everett Needs Your Help Holiday Wish List

greg everett, catalyst athletics, performance menu, weightlifting1. Jerking Trainer - ?

One or two more pairs of jerk tables with their own platforms. Hydraulic height adjustment prefered.


2. Plastic Sleeves - What's your suggestion?

Plastic sleeves for the cradles of our squat racks to protect the bars.


3. Nikon D4 Camera - $5,999.95

A new camera. I think this is the one I'd want, if we’re being wishful.


greg everett, catalyst athletics, performance menu, weightlifting4. Gibson Stall Bar - $576.20

All I want them for is hanging leg raises. Maybe some stretching. Mostly to look cool against the wall because I’ll get tired of hanging leg raises quickly.



5. Eye on Performance - ?

I would like this system installed for every platform. Click on the link to watch a video of Casey Burgener explaining the system.


6. New Plate Racks - Do you have ideas?

I want new plate racks for in between our platforms, but I’m not aware of any that conform to my desires. I need storage for bumper plates, change and collars all in one convenient and tidy spot.


7. Light Knee Sleeves - What are your favorites?

Some light knee sleeves that don’t bunch up behind my knees and make them feel even worse. They also need to be long enough and properly fitted on the top and bottom so I don’t have to pull them up every thirty seconds.


8. The Perfect Training Shirt - What's yours?

Training shirts with collars that won’t stretch to three times their original size with every clean or jerk I perform until I look like a sweaty, hairy Pat Benatar with mediocre lifts.


9. A Sugar Daddy/Mama - Know one?

A rich benefactor who wants to completely support my weightlifting team financially and wants nothing in return but the warm feeling of helping good people.


10. Everything I Already Have - Priceless

Really I have all I want: a great family, an amazing gym, and a team of incredible weightlifters. The rest is just extra.


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