Hormones 101: 8 Articles For Athletes

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Hormones can be our best friends or our worst enemies, depending on whether or not we keep them in check. Here are 8 articles about hormones - testosterone, relaxin, cortisol, oxytocin, leptin, growth hormone and melatonin - and their role in staying strong and healthy.


Hormones 101: 8 Articles For Athletes - Fitness, Health, medicine

Why Proper Sleep and Melatonin Are Absolutely Essential (Doug Dupont)

We know sleep is important for us, but do you know why? New research examines the amazing antioxidant effects of melatonin. It's so powerful it can combat deadly cancer drugs.



Hugs Are Awesome (And Good For Your Health, Too) (Traver H. Boehm)

Increasing pleasure, decreasing stress, increasing human bonding, and all the while decreasing the risk of common heart ailments - sign me up please! Hugs are awesome.


Relaxin: Hormone Facts Female Athletes Need to Know (Lindsey Mathews)

You may have heard of the hormone relaxin in reference to pregnant women, but we all have it - men and women. Does it and your cycle play a part in injury, specifically ACL injury, in women?



Leptin: The Secret Key to Getting Shredded (Joshua Wortman)

Leptin is quite possibly the most important hormone you have never heard about. If your leptin levels are not in check, then you will never acquire the leanness of which you are capable.


New Drug Builds Muscle For Men With Low Testosterone (Joshua Wortman)

Maintaining muscle is a problem for many older athletes, and for men in general as they age. An experimental medication known resulted in an increase in muscle strength in men with low testosterone.


Why and How You Absolutely Must Manage Your Cortisol (Ben Mattingly)

You've been training hard and eating right, but still have belly fat. What gives? Could be your cortisol levels and all the stress in your life. Find out why and how you need to manage your cortisol.


Oral Contraception Use and Growth Hormone Levels in Female Athletes (Mindith Rahmat)

New research in the Journal of Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, investigated oral contraceptives on growth hormone responses to sprinting in female athletes.


Exercise Induced Testosterone and GH Does Not Build Muscle (Joshua Wortman)

Common belief is that lifting heavy will trigger testosterone and growth hormone in the body, building more muscle. Now, science says it may just "bro knowledge" after all?

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