How Conditioning, Mobility, and Recovery Are Essential to Successful BJJ

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The 5 Phases Every BJJ Newbie Has to Go Through

As a coach I've observed some common trends in my beginner students. Here are the five phases most new BJJ practitioners go through.


The Truth About Conditioning for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

To answer the question of how to get in shape for BJJ, we must first look at the requirements of the sport. What does a BJJ athlete need to perform in competition and how is it best developed?



How Conditioning, Mobility, and Recovery Are Essential to Successful BJJ - Fitness, Recovery, BJJ, bjj conditioning, starting BJJ, exercise science, brazilian jiu jitsu


During his time training Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Samuel Spiegelman realized there was a need for training information specifically for the BJJ practitioner. Sam took this opportunity to combine his knowledge of exercise science and BJJ. HIs focus is on improving the necessary requirements of the sport - proper nutrition, mobility, and lifestyle habits.


It’s All in the Hips: Hip Care 101 for BJJ Practitioners

Without proper mobility, performing some of the fundamental Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques and warm up movements will be very difficult. The focus of this article is on the hips.



Why Stretching and Warming Up Are Not the Same

It appears that stretching before activity is not going to help prevent injuries. So what is the answer?


The Jigsaw Puzzle of Recovery

People think proper recovery is having a protein shake after they workout. Your post workout meal is only one piece to a complex puzzle.


The 4 Biggest Mistakes Competitors Make at a BJJ Tournament

While some jiu jitsu tournaments are more organized than others, for every competitor it is important to enter a tournament fully prepared both mentally and physically. Here are the biggest mistakes.


How Bad Posture Can Ruin Your BJJ Game and 3 Drills to Fix It

Posture is key to maintaining your base, yet few BJJ athletes take time to work on their posture. Hours are spent learning techniques and sparring. Hardly anyone is working on


Things Are Changing in the BJJ Competition World

The BJJ game is changing in ways being missed by many in the community. Are you keeping up?


Making Weight in the Real World: How to Cut Weight When Life is Busy

The goal for this article is to provide you with some tips on safe weight cutting - not just for the full-time competitor but for the competitor who has to deal with work, family, or school.


3 Steps for Returning to BJJ After Injury

When returning from an injury, be smart. Your goal is to train for years. Train at the right intensity, avoid positions that feel uncomfortable, and choose the right training partners.

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