My Body Is Toast (Athlete Journal 50)

Terry Hadlow

Athlete Journal - Olympic Weightlifting

Olympic Weightlifting


My hand was still in bad shape, so Sunday was a repeat of Saturday.  



The swelling was starting to come down and mobility was returning to my wrist. I spent a lot of time in massage, working on my forearm and hoping this would clear up the swelling.



My Body Is Toast (Athlete Journal 50) - Fitness, olympic weightlifting, mature athletes, athlete journals, groin pain



I was finally able to do something half decent. My body felt pretty good since I had a lot of rest. I decided to do work with speed cleans.


Speed Clean

  • 50kg for 2 sets of 5
  • 70kg for 2 sets of 5


Power Clean From the Hang

  • 70kg for 2 sets of 5
  • 90kg for 2 sets of 5


Power Clean From the Floor

  • 90kg for 2 sets of 5
  • 110kg for 2 sets of 5



My pull felt strong so I switched to clean pull at 153kg for two sets of five.


Wednesday: Front Squats

My workout was early in the morning because it was the only time I could get it in.


Front Squat:

  • 40kg for 1 set of 5
  • 63kg for 1 set of 5
  • 78kg for 1 set of 5
  • 105kg for 1 set of 5
  • 130kg for 3 sets of 3 and 1 set of 1 stop squats




I sat down in my chair and took a hard look at the weights. Having used a combination of kilogram and pound plates, I discovered my 130kg was actually 136kg. No wonder it felt so damn heavy. I was a little relieved I was able to do those weights.


I switched to speed squats and one set of ten with 180lb. On the tenth rep, I felt my groin let go. It was like somebody undid a zipper really fast.



Back to some snatch work. My groin was very tender and my wrist very sore.



Muscle Snatch

  • 50kg for 2 sets of 6


Speed Snatch

  • 55kg for 2 sets of 5
  • 75kg for 2 sets of 5


Pull and Power Snatch From the Floor

  • 55kg for 1 pull and 3 snatches
  • 75kg for 1 pull and 3 snatches
  • 80kg for 1 pull and 3 snatches


Everything felt terrible. My groin was on fire and left wrist was throbbing. Finished with some snatch pulls at 120kg for two sets of five, then lowered the weight to 80kg and pulled two sets of five as high as I could.


My body was toast. I spent the afternoon in physio, hoping that they would do a better job than the last time. Didn’t seem to have any alternatives.


I am going to take some time off. I'm just not able to get any quality work in, and fooling around in the gym with light weights is incredibly aggravating.


Terry Hadlow got started in Olympic weightlifting in 1970 and is the only Canadian to have competed in senior nationals in five different decades - 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, and 2010s. Follow Terry's journal here to learn about his approach to training and competing.

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