Nutrition Is More Than Half the Battle, With Kalli Youngstrom, Ep 16

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Kalli Youngstrom does not fit the stereotype of the "bodybuilder." She is a lifelong athlete who is also fascinated by psychology. This all comes together in her unique approach to nutrition and training.


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Growing up, Kalli played all sorts of sports, but focused on wrestling. Not only did she focus on it, she excelled at it. But after years of injury, while working a side job at a gym during college (where she earned degrees in both psychology and marketing), she transitioned to a new sport - bodybuilding. There, Kalli's deep interest in nutrition was able to flourish and help her become a champion competitor.


We spoke with Kalli about all these things and more, so listen to the podcast to learn more about her, how her approach to nutrition has changed the lives of her clients, and how psychology comes into play when it comes to reaching your goals.



  • 00:15 - Introduction to Kalli Youngstrom
  • 01:14 - Kalli's athletic background
  • 02:18 - The experience of being a female wrestler
  • 03:18 - How a wrestling background relates to training
  • 04:00 - Training for performance versus training for physique
  • 05:05 - The growing popularity of female bodybuilding
  • 06:32 - Kalli's interest in CrossFit
  • 07:20 - The individual nature of bodybuilding
  • 08:40 - Breaking down the divisions in bodybuilding
  • 11:10 - The role of nutrition in physique development
  • 15:35 - Kalli's nutritional philosophy
  • 19:00 - The importance of a sustainable lifestyle
  • 20:10 - When to use cheat meals in your diet
  • 22:25 - Kalli's biggest client success story
  • 24:05 - The major roadblock in lifestyle transformation
  • 26:27 - Discussing the 12-Week Size or Shred program
  • 28:58 - The importance of individualized programming
  • 30:00 - How to make the Size or Shred program work for you
  • 34:32 - Finding Kalli on the web


Kalli frequently posts on her Instagram account, and you can connect with her directly through her website, KY Fitness. Sign up for the 12-Week Size or Shred program and have Kalli help you fine-tune your nutrition.


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