Standing Wall Clock: Address Elbow Pain Before It Continues

Maryann Berry


San Diego, California, United States

Strength and Conditioning, Mobility & Recovery


The underlying cause of elbow pain is often a shoulder alignment issue. This exercise will promote external rotation at the shoulder joint and extension of the thoracic spine to eliminate the underlying factors that cause elbow pain. 


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Stand facing a wall with your big toes touching and your heels apart. In other words, stand pigeon toed. Each position is held for one minute.


  • Position 1: Raise your arms directly overhead. Relax your stomach to allow your hips to tilt forward. Bend your fingers and press your fingertips tightly into the pads of your palms with your thumbs pointing out (aka the golfer’s grip, as demonstrated). Rotate your thumbs/arms outward from the shoulder (moving the back of your hand toward the wall). Hold for one minute.
  • Position 2: Move your hands down to 45 degrees. Repeat the outward rotation with your arms from the shoulders. Hold for one minute.
  • Position 3: Move your arms down to ninety degrees (straight out from your shoulders, parallel to floor). Repeat the outward rotation with your arms from the shoulders. Hold for one minute.


Spending these few minutes on this exercise will help your shoulders gain and maintain mobility while freeing elbow movement. This will also get your thoracic region moving, which is hugely benefical to keep your core erect and your shoulders engaged.

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