The Beauty of Strength With Artemis Scantalides, Ep 15

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Artemis Scantalides is one of nine women in the world to complete the Iron Maiden Challenge. And that's not even the bravest thing she's done.


She is StrongFirst Level 2 and RKC Level 2 certified and is a Certified Kettlebell-Functional Movement Specialist. She also spent 23 years as a ballet dancer and is a black belt in kung fu. But her biggest accomplishment may have been taking the leap from a corporate day-job to a full-time career sharing her passion for health and movement.



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Artemis is particularly passionate about empowering women in their fitness journeys, so we talked with her quite a bit about that in our podcast discussion. But what she talks about, when it comes to dedication, commitment, and courage, applies to everyone - man or woman, young or old - and even to our lives beyond the gym.


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0:16 - Artemis introduction
1:07 - The influence of ballet on Artemis' training
2:05 - Relating kettlebells, form, and skill development
2:23 - Discussing and explaining different styles of martial arts
5:57 - How Artemis first began training with kettlebells
7:23 - Are kettlebells good for injury prevention?
8:23 - The arduous training and testing involved in earning a kung fu black belt
10:36 - Advice for the novice female trainee
12:02 - Mastering the mental aspect of training
13:39 - Why women shouldn't believe "The Bulking Myth"
16:53 - The benefit of setting performance-based goals
18:04 - The importance of developing confidence
20:05 - Why Artemis took the leap and left the corporate world for fitness
28:38 - Career advice for new personal trainers
30:32 - The value of group fitness for the average exerciser
31:51 - How Artemis conquered the Iron Maiden Challenge
33:20 - Training advice for "the big day"

37:05 - How to find Artemis online


Artemis is the co-owner of Iron Body Studios located in the Boston metro region. She frequently travels around the country to hold her "I Am Not Afraid to Lift" workshop, an event that empowers women to move beyond the stereotypes of female fitness. Artemis will also be presenting her views on female strength at the Perform Better Fitness Summit in July.


You can follow along with Artemis on her blog, Facebook.


Read Artemis' article The Art of Heavy Lifting Without Overtraining.

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