The Unstoppable Passion of CrossFitters and Triathletes

Becca Borawski Jenkins

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Everyone who reads Breaking Muscle is serious about their fitness. There's no question about that. But both CrossFitters and triathletes are special breeds. There's an intensity among even amateur athletes in both these sports that is palpable - and a passion for training that simply can't be contained.


Therefore, it was no surprise that they were two of the biggest areas of discussion this week. So, in honor of those athletes, here are my editor's picks for the week and why.




The Seven Habits of Highly Successful CrossFit Athletes

Coach Patrick McCarty is headed for the CrossFit Games for the third year in a row. Think he knows a few things about how to do well in CrossFit? Here's what he does.


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The 4 Most Helpful Types of CrossFit Athlete

There are a lot of people you can learn from when it comes to CrossFit, and some of the best ones are right there with you in class. Guest writer Katelyn DeVarennes profiles the people she thinks can help you most.


The Right and Wrong Way to Welcome Visitors to a CrossFit Gym

You love CrossFit so much you can't stand to give it up when you travel. But what if the gym you want to visit never returns your calls? Or what if they want a big drop-in fee? What then? Patrick McCarty breaks down the suggested etiquette for both sides of the equation.


StrongFirst Versus CrossFit: The Dilemma of Power Optimization

Craig Marker is certified and experienced in both CrossFit and StrongFirst. In this article, he compares and contrasts the two methods. It's not about one being better, but rather, what each one is better at.


It’s Not CrossFit’s Fault, It’s the Reinforcement System, Part II

Some people criticize CrossFit for prioritizing the wrong thing. But psychology expert Craig Marker explains that there are ways to approach and coach CrossFit that emphasize the right things and put you in a positive mindset.



Steady State Cardio Is Not Dumb - If You Do It Right

How can you get fat while training for Ironman? Why is it that women who train endurance gain weight, while men get lean? Coach Andrew Read outlines the reasons why and how to prevent it.


crossfit, triathlon, crossfit etiquette, crossfit training, triathlon training


Feeling Tired? Check Your Iron Levels

Not achieving the goals you set for yourself in your triathlon training? Feeling more tired than you ought to? The irony is - it might be your iron levels. Coach Graeme Turner explains.


FMS Suggests Low Injury Risk in Experienced Distance Runners

If your friends tell you that running is bad for you, then have them read this article by Doug Dupont. And if they don't understand the article, then have them read this one, too.


5 Lessons I’ve Learned About Triathlon Since I Began Coaching

Coach Alan Kipping-Ruane started triathlon because a friend suggested it. Now years later, he's coaching others in the sport and has learned some pretty useful things along the way.


Photos courtesy of CrossFit LA.

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