The Value of Variations on the Front Lever

Andy McKenzie


Strength and Conditioning, Bodyweight Exercise, Mobility & Recovery


Andy McKenzie is an expert in bodyweight and core training. This week, Andy explains the value of performing the front lever on various apparatus. 


Most people use a calisthenics bar, but if you want to keep your shoulders healthy, strengthen your grip, and challenge your core, it's worth switching up your tools. The front lever becomes a different beast altogether when you do it on a rope or on gymnastics rings. Using a thicker rope will activate your grip strength even more.


Aim to pull your elbows down to your hips while keeping your arms straight. You can take it a step further by swinging your legs over your head in a skin-the-cat manouevre. Find a bar, a set of rings, a rope, or any other hold you can grip on to, and get practicing.


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