Understanding the Impact of Epigenetics, Ep 9 (Podcast)

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Breaking Muscle Radio speaks with three top experts in the field of epigenetics - Shea Robison, Hayden-William Courtland, and Kevin Cann. Whether you are new to the topic or not, this podcast will expand your epigenetic horizons.


Look in any science magazines, health publications, or newspapers, and you'll see scores of articles about epigenetics. This is not surprising, as its a relatively new branch of research with long-lasting implications on how we eat, train, and live.



In this episode, these three world-class experts share their research, insight, and deepest thoughts on epigenetics with Managing Editor Becca Borawski Jenkins and Coach Chet Morjaria.


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Meet our panel of experts:


  • Kevin Cann - Many of you know Kevin from his writing on Breaking Muscle. He has written on epigenetics in regards to nutrition for each unique individual. He also runs Genetic Potential Nutrition, where he uses a holistic approach to help people live healthier lives.
  • Hayden-William Courtland - Hayden runs a well-known blog called Science for Fitness. He has an array of degrees in biochemistry, anatomy, physiology, and biomedical sciences, and he's a personal trainer.
  • Shea Robison - Known as the "Epigenetics Guy," Shea runs a website called the Nexus of Epigenetics where he writes about science, history, and politics in regards to epigenetics.


00:43 - Introduction to guests

01:30 - The definition(s) of epigenetics

04:51 - What makes a gene express itself

07:06 - Gene inheritability in the context of politics and policy

08:40 - How the fitness enthusiast can use epigenetics to help him or herself improve

12:50 - Making as many good choices as possible to enhance positive gene expression

14:00 - Nutrition and epigenetics - individuality and food quality

16:18 - Epigenetics versus phenotype within fitness and exercise

21:07 - Caution is required - the limitations of the correlational human studies

23:56 - An example of a specific gene and it's expression - The Agouti gene

27:22 - Research on Huntington's disease

31:05 - Limitations of the research on Huntington's disease

32:33 - Research on Type 2 Diabetes and leptin dysfunction

33:44 - The developmental window - the Dutch famine and the Överkalix study

37:25 - Epigenetics as a major player - it's not just about genetics

38:22 - Reversal of the effects of previous generations

39:30 - Narratives that come from genetics and epigenetics and which will win out

42:15 - Social responsibility and political implications of epigenetics

43:44 - Difficulty of separating out genetics and epigenetics

45:54 - Fears and concerning aspects of epigenetics

48:55 - Most positive possible outcomes of epigenetics

51:59 - Which aspects require more research

59:22 - Websites and other details

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